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Guy Betbeder: Owner of the domain- He is married to Samantha.
Luc Betbeder: Luc is Guy's brother. He is married to Lizzie they have 2 boys Marc and Ryan
Marc Betbeder: Marc is Luc's eldest son.
Ryan Betbeder: Ryan is Luc's younger son

This was taken at Christmas 2005

Back Row: Guy, Samantha, Luc, Lizzie
Front Row L -> R: Ryan, Marc, Mum(Pam)

This Is the Betbeder Boys at Chritmas 2005

Luc, Guy, Marc and Ryan

This is a photo taken at christmas 2003 of our Family

Back Row: Lizzie, Luc, Mum(Pam), Samantha, Guy,
Front Row L -> R: Marc and Ryan

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